Yewale Tea Franchise,Cost,Chai Profit – How to Start (2021)

Yewale Tea Franchise – Investment,contact number,Yewale amruttulya franchise opening guide.

Yewale Tea Franchise starting guide

Tea sips are no longer an old-fashioned thing. The matter of selling tea has now been subsumed in political tilism also. Narendra Modi was promoted as a chaiwala by his party when Narendra Modi was announced as the prime ministerial candidate. 

There are different types of news on the occasion of the tea drinking business. For example, a woman tea shopkeeper in Gaya, happy with the decision of 500 and 1000 demonstration, gave free tea to the people throughout the day. A tea seller’s album from Jharkhand is going to be released soon.But when the matter of selling tea gets connected with the Prime Minister of India or the monthly earnings of a tea seller is about 12 lakhs,its really inspiring.

About Company & Journey : Let’s first know the story of Navnath Yewale, a tea seller with ‘Yewale Tea House‘ in Pune. Navnath has three tea stalls in Pune city. About three dozen people work on them. He says that their tea houses have started employing people. Their business is growing fast. They are going to make Yewale Tea House an international brand soon. Yewale earns twelve lakh rupees every month from tea shop.There is another great company which is Chaayos Franchise , you can also become part of them.

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Let’s try to understand the future of this tea making business in India.

What is the future of chai business ?

Forget those days when people had a mind set up only chai business is a poor business. It is only run by those people who are uneducated and happy with little money. In today’s time you can find varieties of tastes in chai. We all love having tea, whether it’s morning or evening or any part of the day. We visit nearest tea shop to have. This is a great opportunity to earn money with this simple concept. You offer quality chai to your customers and they visit repeatedly. The business will never end as long as humans are alive in the planet. So from all these aspect you can definitely start the business.It is very profitable and it has a very bright future.

Why you should choose Yewale franchise ?

So you are confident that you will do the business,but now the question is. but what are the main positive points of Yewale franchise. There are so many benefits and features by taking their franchise.

  • Yewale is now well reputed in all over India. They are growing fast in all over India.
  • The monthly income estimated by the company is approximate 12 lacks, which is huge.
  • The young entrepreneur won’t face Complex challenges at initial stage. It increases the success rate of this business
  • Very transparent business policy and you need only few registrations
  • low investment & maintaining cost

What is the franchise cost ?

The total franchise investment it comes around 13 lakh. The amount can be divided into multiple expense categories. These are as follows :

  • The company takes fees from you to set up the the outlet. This is called franchise fee and it is 300,000 inr
  • As you set up your outlet, it is very important that you decorate that outlet proper way. Customer love the overall interior decoration. Therefore you need to design it beautifully. The total expense comes for it is around 400,000 inr. This amount includes Hardware,Electrician Work,Acp Panel Board etc.
  • For kitchen equipment you need to spend 70,000 inr
  • Another big expense which you need to spend 400,000 for Refrigerator, Cooler Billing Counter, Mil Boiling Machine, Milk Cane etc.
  • For each successful business there is always require a good promotion or advertising platform. For all that activities the company charges 1,50,000 inr from franchise owner.
  • Outlet Launches Expenses is 1000,000 inr
  • There are some other things where you need to spend money. These are software, installing CCTV, wi-Fi , billing software, lED TV etc.
  • For housekeeping and other material purpose it will cost you 67000 INR.

Mandatory licences required for opening Yewale Tea Franchise

If you are planning to start a food business in India there is always a licence obtaining process. Without food licence you cannot start any food business. It is strictly maintained by FSSAI department. So here in the below section you will find all necessary registrations and licence details.

Firm registration : The first and initial stage of starting any business a company is to register their firm. It is very easy process you can take a help of CA. They are available online and offline. The registration process starts in MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs ) website. You can register your firm as a proprietorship of partnership.

GST registration : Government of India has mandated GST for every business. It is goods and services tax applied for different category product and services. You can visit GST official website to obtain your GST certificate. If you don’t have any idea how to get it and need support, you can take help of CA by paying their service charge.

FSSAI licence : All food related products are strictly observed by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) department. So before doing the business get FSSAI certificate from Government of India.

Trademark is not mandatory but good business practice : So when it comes TM it simply define your business name logo that is protected by business department. Since you are under yewale, they already have Trademark registered, you are just taking your franchise and doing business with them.

Area requirement for Yewale Chaha Amruttulya Franchise

You can open the franchise from your rented place or your own place. However you need to show all the valley documents while applying the franchise. A minimum space which is required 250 square feet to 350 square feet. Make sure that you have enough space in front area, because customers need some space to stand and park their vehicles.

Location selection

As long as food outlet or any Mini Store, it is best to select a location in crowded place. You’d get three 3 more customers comparing other places where people don’t visit. So try to get my location near college, cinema hall, railway Station, student’s coaching class etc.

How to get Yewale Tea franchise Training ?

The training is provided to each and every franchise owner after approval. In this training you will learn how to serve chai to customers and make a a hygienic place. While making tea and different tastes variation you may face some problems, these issues are resolved very fast with their advanced expertise service.

What is the eligibility criteria ?

As you know this is just at tea shop. You don’t need a very high education or any special technical knowledge to manage the business. However, if you are dedicated and ready to manage any kind of issues towards business you are welcome. You should be polite and very soft while serving tea.

How to apply for Yewale Amruttulya franchise ?

Yewale Chaha brand is now online. They have the official website. You can find the address in below of the article with head office address. Visit their website and you can find a franchise link. Click on that link and a franchise request form will be opened. This form required very few basic details like full name, email address and mobile number.

After submitting all these details you have to confirm your mobile number by submitting the OTP. Once it is done, you will get further notification from their team and all the details will be discussed with you. Make sure the phone number you have submitted it is working and active.

But still if you are facing any issues While submitting the form online you can visit their head office.

Communication Details :

  • Yewale chai Official website :
  • Yewale Chaha Office address : Flat No. 101, 1st Floor, Silver Point, 20/1, Katraj – Kondhwa Road , Kondhwa, Pune – 411046
  • / +91 8181 800800

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FAQ – Yewale Tea Franchise

Who is the owner of Yewale Amruttulya franchise ?

Navnath Yewale is the founder of Yewale tea company.Navnath Yewale founder of Yewale chai

Is it profitable ?

Yes,This chai franchise is very profitable.You can earn up to 12 lacks per month by selling tea.

How many staffs require to start the Yewale chai franchise ?

Staff selection is very important for running tea making business.At the beginning you can recruit 4 to 5 staffs and later you can increase the numbers depending on sale volume.

Can I get loan from Yewale company to run business ?

No,Yewale does not facilitate any loan for have find fund source by yourself.You can approach to Govt scheme for MSME scheme.

Do I need any special skill ?

You need to be dedicated and polite to satisfy your customers.Besides that you don’t require any technical knowledge.

Does company provide territorial rights ?

While approving your franchise request,the company also verify if there is any nearest store.Therefore you don’t need to worry about territorial rights.

Can I renew franchise agreement after termination ?

Yes,you can renew franchise agreement under their supervision.For further details contact with support team.