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Soap Making Business,How to Start? Investment,Profit Details

Soap Making Business Plan

In the old times, for washing any utensils, or for bathing, or in washing clothes, different things, such as multani mitti, ash, have been used among other things, in the same way, in washing utensils, in bathing, clothes For all these tasks in washing, today different types of soap are made, which people use according to their own needs, so today we will discuss the business of soap making in detail, in which we will talk about important points related to it. .

What is soap ?

Soaps are sodium and potassium salts of those fatty acids, which have high molecular weight, which are formed during soap making in chemical reaction in aqueous solution of vegetable oil or fat and caustic soda or caustic potash. They are used in cleaning clothes, utensils, bathing according to different types.

What is soap making business ?

The business of making soap and selling them in the offline or online market is called soap making business, in which soap is prepared every month by buying raw material.

Based on the different quality of soap, today their demand is very high in the market, because soap is used in all household chores like utensils, clothes, and bath, and its demand gives this business a place in the market.

How many types of soap are there

Soaps are mainly of 3 types in view of their work-

  • Bath soap
  • Laundry soap
  • dish wash soap

What are the raw materials used in soap making business?

The main raw materials used in soap making business are-

  • China clay
  • Calcite
  • Soda ash
  • Slurry (labsa)
  • Dolomite(marble powder)
  • Alpha olefin sulphonate
  • Sodium silicate
  • Polymer
  • Fragrance

All these raw materials are used to make a dish bar, apart from this some different materials are used in different soaps.

Like the main in bath soap-

Soap noddle

Soap stone powder


Soap colour

And other similar main raw materials are used.

Which machine is used ?

The names of the main machines in the soap making business are-

  • Mixing machine
  • Miller machine
  • Extruder machine
  • Extruding dies
  • Cutting machine
  • Stamping machine
  • Packing machine
Mixture machineTo mix the raw material
Extruder machineUsing the Mixture to Shape
Cutting machineUsing Soap to Cut
Stamping machine व stampTo stamp your brand on soap
Extruder thisUsed to give different shapes in extruder machine

Apart from these machines, some other machines are also installed in big industries.

Miller machine

Packaging machine

Apart from these machines, semiautomatic and automatic machines are used today.

All these machines are used in making soap.

Best soap brands which are sold the most in India

Famous brand of soap which is popular in India-

  • Dove cream beauty bathing brand
  • LUX by HUL
  • Dettol soap
  • Lifebuoy soap by HUL
  • Santoor
  • Cinthol by godrej
  • Pears pure and gentle soap
  • Himalayan herbs
  • Vivels
  • Boutique

These are all some famous soap brands, which are most liked in India.

What are the registrations and licenses for soap making business?

Soap business is a manufacturing business, according to which licenses are taken in it.

This license is as follows-

  • Land use license (for land proof)
  • Nigam License (Industry Required)
  • Environment consent license (due to use of Chemical)
  • Udhyog License (For Creating Valid Industry)
  • Commercial electricity connection (for less power consumption in running the machines)

All these some major registrations and licenses are necessary in soap making business, through which any person can do soap making business.

How to start soap making business

To start soap making business, you can start this business by following some important sequence-

  • Choose a suitable place for soap making business
  • Get the necessary license in this manufacturing business of making soap.
  • You can also take distributorship or dealership
  • brand the business
  • Purchasing machines and setting up other essentials
  • Getting the business recognized in the market by adopting a marketing strategy
  • hire workers for business
  • buy raw material
  • Selling soap on a wholesaler or online platform
  • profit by customers

Tips for doing successful business

Following are the tips for success in soap making business, by adopting which you can move forward in this business-

  • Understand the shortage and best part of other vendors from the market
  • It is important to have a proper understanding of the market price
  • Keep the quality of soap good so that more and more customers can be attracted.
  • Attractive packing, give color to your soap, so that it can attract people towards itself.
  • Make sure to get your brand stamping on the soap, so that your brand can make a mark in the market, and win the trust of the people.
  • Must apply marketing strategy, do not save in marketing, marketing is the mainstay of business success, for this, by giving ads on social websites, by giving business ads in banners, posters, business cards, paper, you can do as much as you can with the help of media. Do, the better the marketing, the better the business.

In this way, by making the right understanding, skill, and good production, good success can be achieved in the business of making this subunit, as a result of which you can grow this business on a large scale and earn success and profit.

 How much does soap making business cost

The main cost in soap making business is machines, setup, marketing, commercial electricity connection (one time cost), raw material, worker payment, (repeated cost).


  • Extruder dies- 5000 / dies
  • Mixture machine- 2,60,000
  • Extruder- 1,60,000
  • Cutting machine- 12000
  • Raw Material- 3000 to 10000 initially
  • Worker Payment- 5000 to 10000/worker
  • -10000 in setup

Therefore, in this soap business, the total cost can be started well in about 5 to 7 lakhs, and if the business is successful, this cost keeps on increasing.

What is the profit ?

The basis of profit in soap making business is-

  • quality
  • Production
  • marketing

On the basis of these three, there is profit in this business, the better the quality, and the more soap is made in a day, the better and more the profit will be in it.

In the initial phase of soap business, around 15 to 25% profit can easily be made.

And this profit increases with the hold and recognition in the market.

In this way, by providing the right market information and some attractive offers in this soap business in the beginning, any person can start it and earn good profits, and can make his future bright.


Q: How many workers are involved in the soap making business?

In the soap making business, 2 to 3 workers can easily do business in the beginning.

Q: How much space should be in soap making business?

At least 1000 square feet space is necessary in soap making business, where all the setup can be done easily.

Q: Approximately how much electricity is required to run the machines in the soap making business?

About 3KW power is required in soap making business.

Q: In the soap making business, what is made in the process of saponification?

Soap product and glycerol are formed in the saponification process of soap making business.

Q: What is the function of polymer in soap making business?

Function of polymer in soap making business-

  • Help binding soap
  • Melting Control 
  • The bottom of the material from the vessel, which remains after washing the dishes, is used to clean it.

Q: What is the most important thing for bathing in soap making?

The important material in making bath soap is soap noodle, which acts as a base.