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Getting Solar Business Franchise,Start Solar Panel Franchise – 2021

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Solar Business Franchise Opportunity 2019 – Investment, Profit, Distributorship & required space

In India Solar business franchise opportunity increasing day by day.You can start solar panel installation business by just investing rs.20,000 to rs.30,000 with top reputed companies.These companies let you become associate, dealer, distributor and run franchise in your city.Today in this post we will be guiding you regarding solar panel business setup and how you can proceed.

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What are the different opportunities in solar panel franchise?

You can become any 5 of these in solar panel business.

  1. Business Associate
  2. Dealer
  3. Distributor
  4. Franchise
  5. Agent

Solar Franchise required space
According to top solar dealership providers, you can set up solar franchise office in 150 sq ft area.This is very minimal space requirement and you can easily start this business.

What are the installation training charges?
The training charges actually depend company to company.Some companies they don’t charge and provide free training.However,you may need to pay extra charges for on spot training and services.

Solar products provider Su-Kam offering franchise opportunity and business associate in India. According to the company,to become business associate you need to deposit 25,000 rupees. They will provide all training materials and training services to you including this price range

After Completion of training, you can join as a business associate with them. You have to expand their business & services to people. You need to market their products and sell their services. You will get a commission from the company as per the product installation and product category. Company promises to each and every business associate that you can earn between 10,000 to 2000 lakh per month.

Getting dealership from them is very easy. Find the difference schemes offered by them. You can invest up to 200000 rupees for tier 1 franchise from su-Kam company. Bharat solar Energy lets you start franchise business just to invest 50,000. But su-kam claim minimum 200000 rupees needed for first time billing. You can also try for Waaree Solar Franchise,which is India’s leading solar PV manufacturer company. This means you have to purchase products minimum 200,000 rupees.Besides this you need sales and technical team to run the franchise.

Solar Franchise Partner Benefits

  • The solar business is one of the top eco-friendly business
  • Lowest maintenance cost
  • Attractive commission for each solar panel installation
  • Best training provided by experts and companies
  • Simple terms and conditions to become an agent or distributor
  • The investment cost is lower and higher profit margin

Solar franchise business cost (Investment Details)

  • Tier 1 city – 32,000
  • Tier 1 city – 28,000
  • Tier 1 city – 25,000
  • Town area – 20,000

Therefore you can take franchise within 20,000 to 32,000.Solar panel installation and commissioning company franchise are given by Bharat Solar Energy in all over India.For this different franchise, charges are applied.Citizen who lives in town area can request for the franchise only rs.20,000.Alternatively tier 3 city, where you need to invest rs.25,000 and tier 2 city, 28,000 respectively.If you are interested in tier 1 franchise you require investing minimum 32,000.

Storage space required

Most of the solar franchise service providers requires 150 sq ft to 250 sq ft. area.For each company, we recommend to discuss with their franchise team directly.

Security Deposit terms of Su-Kam Solar company

The security deposit shall be interest-free and shall be refunded only at the time of full and final settlement of Distributor in the books of the accounts of Su-Kam. However, the Distributor understands that the security deposit is subject to forfeiture by Su-kam, if there is any amount outstanding from the Distributor.

How To Apply For Solar Panel Franchise?

There are many reputed companies which offer dealership and franchise to you.Not all the companies have online registration form to take your franchise request.If you can’t decide which company should be chosen then we can guide you step by step.Download our franchise guide or submit email in above contact form,we will reply you soon.

Solar panel franchise approval method

How to grow solar franchise business? 

  • Make a list of services you offer such as
  • Solar installation business – installation of the entire solar system
  • Solar sale business – market this sister to homeowners and business and get paid a Commission on each sale after installation
  • Solar manufacturing business – manufacture the panels and all the other associated parts including racks, inverters etc.
  • Solar parts business – send solar system and parts purchased from wholesalers and manufacturing companies
  • Solar consultant – nose all parts of the business and helps individuals and companies, understand the business and how they can helped by going solar
  • Solar maintenance business – offer and annual maintenance check on install system to make sure they are working properly and look for other ways to cut down electricity usage

We will post more solar franchise related article and business opportunity on our site.If you have any question or queries you can simply contact us.